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Your journey to live life better

If you’re feeling stressed, lacking in confidence, finding it difficult to sleep or perhaps want to feel more motivated to achieve your goals, then I can help you make the changes you need to feel better.

Many conditions are caused by, or made worse by, some level of anxiety which can creep up on you gradually. I use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy techniques that help you focus on how you want things to be, which can help you reduce the underlying discomfort and gain a clearer perspective on life.

Together we’ll find solutions that help you think clearly, feel better and gain control over your life.

Andrew Major


I’m an experienced and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing in Bagshot, Surrey and online via Zoom or Skype. I use Solution Focused therapy techniques which means we don’t analyse past problems or what’s wrong, instead we focus on how you want things to be in the future. It’s a powerful and uplifting experience and I’ve helped many clients think clearly, feel better and importantly learn strategies for long lasting change so they’re able to live life to the full.

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If you’d like to explore how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works and find out if it’s the right approach for you, please get in touch and request an initial chat. Together we can explore your issues and goals in confidence, and you’ll discover how I can help you achieve lasting change in a relatively short period of time.

If we decide Hypnotherapy is the right approach for you, the process begins with an initial consultation where we explore what’s going on for you and help you understand how the mind works so you can begin to move forwards. So, if you’re ready for change and determined to succeed, then please contact me, I’m here to help and I’d love to hear from you.

Client Success Stories

“I sought out Andrew’s services after feeling anxious for some time. He was warm and friendly and offered a calm and welcoming environment for the weekly sessions.  I found the process of solution focused hypnotherapy helped me clarify a number of things in my mind, as well as helping me feel calmer with day to day life. The process was enjoyable and worthwhile, and I would recommend Andrew to anyone who feels they need some calmness and peace in their lives.”


“My first meeting with Andrew was a good one. He’s warm and welcoming, but not overbearing or overfamiliar. He has a calm presence, as does his therapy room. I had six sessions with Andrew, along with his relaxation CD that I used at night. The hypnotherapy sessions are where I benefited most, and I can honestly say I felt he relaxed me to a point that I’ve not felt before.

During hypnosis I felt in control at all times, sometimes quite floaty, (sometimes very floaty!) but I knew that I could open my eyes and sit up at any time if I needed to. I just didn’t want to, it’s a very nice state to be in. Andrew talks, with gentle music in the background, and afterwards you just come away feeling relaxed and more positive. If circumstance allowed, I think I’d go and see Andrew once a month, just to enjoy those calming feelings!”


“I found the relaxation and hypnosis; Andrew gave me, beneficial as I resolved my sleep problems and fatigue. I feel I have a more positive and hopeful view of my life and am ready to take the next steps. I would highly recommend Andrew’s therapy work due to his calm and kind approach. “


“Therapy in general for me was never really an option and it wasn’t something that I was aware of. Since struggling with my mental health from the age of 20 I wondered if it would ever get better. Since spending time with Andrew I’ve learnt that I am in control of my feelings and what’s going on in my mind. I’ve learnt to think in a positive way and not let negative things have an effect on me and spiral out of control.

I can now react better and more positively. I’m sleeping better and that’s largely due to the way that Andrew has helped me think and not to worry about the small things. Mental health issues are incredibly common and as much as us men don’t want to admit it – we need help and I’m very grateful to have found that help. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend not only hypnotherapy, but Andrew as a hypnotherapist. Thank you.”


“Following a diagnosis of a rare form of Colitis and a family bereavement, I felt sure that whilst I was suffering from a medical condition I could reduce the symptoms if I reduced the stress in my life. Therefore, when I read about the work that Andrew was doing with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I decided to contact him.

At our first meeting Andrew explained that the therapy focuses on looking forward rather than going over past events. I learnt to understand that the past cannot be altered and by how looking at the positives and not the negatives in life, we can impact the present and therefore our future.

Every week we spoke about what had been positive, and what I wanted from the next week. This also included working to relax and clear the stress from my mind at the end of each day, and overnight, helped by a relaxation track which he gave me. This relaxation formed the hypnotherapy during our sessions together and was probably the single most helpful part. I found after some time that whenever I started to feel like I was getting concerned about anything and therefore felt my stress levels rising I could take control and calm myself.

Whilst I have a medical condition, I definitely feel that Andrew has helped me learn to control it, I’ve learnt to control my life once more and I feel a lot more confident about the future.”


“Following a huge rise in the number of cigarettes I was smoking, I realised it was time to do something about stopping. I didn’t want to follow the nicotine replacement route and was intrigued when I read about the success of hypnotherapy.

I contacted Andrew and immediately liked his approach and kindness during our initial telephone conversation. I immediately felt full of hope. I attended my appointment a week later and everything was then strengthened once I met Andrew in person. I was instantly put at ease. Andrew gave me the chance to speak without being judged. I felt an immediate sense of calm straight after the hypnotherapy, which has continued to this day. I have found the whole experience to be a life changing event for me and I shall be forever grateful to Andrew for his wonderful approach and expertise. I am three months in and haven’t even thought about cigarettes!”


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